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Help your wait staff to increase sales and tips with A Role in the Show eLearning course.

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Articles can also be found in print and on websites that are great resources for the industry...

Welcome to your free hotel and restaurant training resources. This page is regularly updated with articles, hints and tips for hotel and restaurant training, including waiter training, food safety training, and other related topics.


Customer Service
Restaurant training-This is Show Business

Waiter training-Team Talk
Restaurant training-The Casting Call
March 2006 Restaurant training-The Screen Test

Restaurant operations
Restaurant training-Directing the Performance

Effective eLearning
Is eLearning on Your Training Menu?
eLearning Return on Investment

Pre-shift meeting Guide

Training tips
Rehearsal Guide

Games and Role plays
Using props to increase sales
How to provide menu guidance
Practice listening skills
The art of communication
Role playing games to Increase sales
Reading body language


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Press Releases
December 2005 Now playing- A Role in the Show

Industry Articles and News
November 2005
Is eLearning on your training menu?
January 2006
eLearning Bits & Bytes
eLearning Primer

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